Our Expertise

Pain Management

We provide a concierge level of service to our valued patients,  which begins with a 45 minute consultation. Our board certified pain specialists provide a comprehensive and holistic evaluation resulting in a precise diagnosis. We design a custom blueprint to restore function and guide you on a path toward living pain free.

Spine Pain Management

(Interventional Pain Management)

At Premier Pain & Wellness our double board certified pain specialists are uniquely qualified to get you out of pain and on the path to optimal wellness. Following your 45 minute evaluation, your pain specialists will identify the root cause of your pain and offer an advanced and precise non-surgical solution.

illustration of human body with spine outlined in red to show spinal pain
two people jogging along path in the snow wearing matching blue jackets

Sports Medicine

Premier Pain & Wellness has a long history of current and former athletes as well as weekend warriors We provide our valued patients the relief they need through advanced non-surgical techniques

Regenerative Medicine

Our elite pain management specialists offer cutting edge stem cell and PRP therapy to select patients. Our comprehensive care plans that focus on our patients optimizing their ability to heal and recover with a focus on boosting the body’s immune system, decrease systemic inflammation and support peak performance.

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Massage Therapy

At Premier Pain & Wellness, we are excited to offer therapeutic massage therapy to our patients. Our double board- certified pain management specialists may offer it to patients as part of a larger treatment plan. Massage Therapy may be covered by your insurance. Please contact our patient advocate team for clarity.